Saturday, April 15, 2017

Jonny and the Space Rock, a Children's Story

Jonny and the Space Rock
Debralynn Fein
            It’s our first day in our new home. The apartment is filled with boxes. The boxes are practically everywhere. In the kitchen, the boxes are almost piled to the ceiling!
            Jonny wanted to jump over some of the boxes.
            “Wee, see how high big boys can jump,” he said. “We can jump up to the sky!”
            I miss our old home.
            “Gosh,” said our Mama coming into the living room. “I have all these boxes to unpack. How am I going to get it all done? Caroline, maybe you and your brother can go outside to play?” she suggested.
            “Play?” I asked. “Play where?” I looked out the window. “All I can see are piles of dirt.”
            “Well you can take your brother outside. Let him run around a little.”
            “Yeah, I wanta play,” five- year- old Jonny said. “Let’s go Caroline, pl…ease!”
            I put my coat on.
            “Thank you Caroline. I can get some things done. Please make sure you take Jonny’s jacket with you,” she added, kissing me quickly on the cheek.
            I grab my brother’s plaid jacket lying on a box.
            “Yay, yay.”
            “Come here Jonny, and I’ll help you,” I said, bending down to hold his jacket out to him.
            Jonny stood in the room, with his shirt tails hanging out, his hair hanging over his eyes.
            “Where are we going, Caroline?” Jonny asked me.
            “I don’t know. We’re seeing what’s out there,” I said bravely, waving my free hand as we took the steps down from our new apartment hallway.
            “What are we going to see?” Jonny asked curiously.
            “I really don’t know. We’ll see when we get there,” I answered as we left the building. A small empty planter stood between the buildings.
            Then Jonny spotted something.
            “Look at this Caroline!” he said excitedly.
            I saw it too, a dark colored rock. It had holes all over it.
            “Wow,” I said. “It might be a rock from outer space! Last night, I was look out of our old window, and do you know what I saw?”
            “What?” Jonny asked.
            “I saw a light going fast across the sky. At first, I thought it was a shooting star. Maybe it wasn’t.”
            “What was it then?” Jonny asked, in wonder looking at the rock carefully.
            “Well, then I heard this sound. Boom! Like thunder.”
            “Like thunder?” Jonny asked, looking around scared.
            “It doesn’t mean it was thunder,” I replied. “And anyway you were sleeping.”
            “What could it be then?”
            “There are these things called meteors,” I answered, “and they come from out there.” I pointed to the sky.
            “A meat-eater?” Jonny asked.
            “Not a meat-eater, silly. A met-e-or.” I corrected him.
            “And this is one of them?”

            “I don’t know Jonny.” I admitted. “Maybe.”

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