Monday, September 20, 2010

Hundreds of Times

Hundreds of Times 

(For Ginnie) 

I told her hundreds of times 

In hundreds of different ways 

That I loved her, 

And my feelings were true. 

I looked to her face of acceptance, 

The swimming eyes, 

The gentle touch, 

The loving hug, 

And her fierce determination that I would be okay, 

What could this be if not for love? 

Belief was a bottle that we filled together, 

With respect, value, affirmation and a beautiful meditation, 

The mantra that I was lovable and capable, 

What could this be if not for love? 

She gave her gifts to me with a loving touch, 

What had I shown her? 

What had I given her? 

She'd shown me to follow the road not taken - 

And that was what I did as I grew, changed and flourished, 

Her compliment. 

A piece of stitchery was my gift to her, 

And on it were the words I chanted forever in my head, 

What could this be if not for love? 

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