Sunday, September 19, 2010


The blanket’s story 
Debralynn Fein 
Seemingly merry, 
Harpo, Chico and Groucho 
Climbed on shelves, 
Jumped from one to the other, 
Swatted at balls, 
Rolled, tumbled and rumbled 
Life was good when catnip was around. 
Their energy finally spent, ears perked up 
Hark! They stopped at the sound, 
What was it they heard? 
Was it the song of the birds? 
They leaped to the window to see, 
Edna, Agnes, Sapho and Maya, 
Poets well we knew, 
Standing apart, Maya whistled a tentative melody, 
Edna, Agnes and Sapho sang back in harmonious song. 
Why can’t we be free? 
Stretching paws toward the glass, the cats asked, 
Looking from one to the other, and realized that, 
They must find their blanket of feline answers. 
Lo, Chico looked down and saw, 
The holly leaves and red berries, 
Pretty sights he found, 
The others saw them too, 
Nature’s gifts made us happy and content. 
Why can’t we fly away like birds? 
Jumping down once more, Groucho sprinted and jumped about. 
“No wings, see? 
Perhaps only they carry wishes for us all?” 
It calmed the savage breasts as, 
A tiny glint of light appeared in the gray, winter sky, 
Nature’s protection is our blanket. 

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